Access Management & IGA tool for Jira Cloud

Multiplier automates access-related IT tickets through Okta, Azure AD and Google workspace integrations.

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Trusted by IT & security leaders at modern organizations
"Multiplier has been critical for us in streamlining our access requests.

We used to struggle with chasing people for approvals and manually provisioning access. Now our users can self-serve and hit the ground running in minutes."
Greg Reznik
IT Systems Engineer, Scribd
"Since using Multiplier, we've freed up many resources within the team as most of our service requests are automatically taken care of.

We're spending less time doing routine, mundane tasks and more on further developing and innovating our customer service experience."
Wikus du Toit
Head of IT Service Delivery, Luno
"Multiplier has saved us hours of IT productivity, and lowered our resolution times.

The ease of implementation and the speed with which it delivered value made it a no-brainer for us."
Neil Simbulan
Director IT, Videoamp

Most organizations struggle with access management

Manual workflows

End user requests are manually routed to approvers and manually provisioned.

Slow access reviews

Figuring out who has access to what and why is messy and time consuming.

Multiple end user portals

Users have to go to yet another portal to request the apps they need

It's time to try the Multiplier way

Boost employee satisfaction with self-service access requests

Automate your access workflows with self service requests, approvals and provisioning.

  • Automatically grant access to corporate applications
  • Route requests to managers for approval
  • Reduce the strain on IT by streamlining manual processes
  • Audit logs that track every change and tie them back to a Jira ticket
Easily populate your app catalog
Automate identity and access workflows in Jira

Grant just-in-time access

Ensure users get just the right amount of access by enforcing just-in-time and time-based access controls to the app, the role, or the resource.

Access requests are routed to correct approvers and provisioning and deprovisioning are automatic.

Connect your identity providers

Multiplier's out of the box integrations reduce context switching and increase speed and accuracy in closing the most common IT requests.

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