We’re on a mission to help organizations simplify and automate access management.

The rapid growth of SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure has made identity governance more complex and dynamic.

The access request process differs for each app, posing a challenge for IT and security teams responsible for managing identities and permissions across these platforms. Existing solutions are cumbersome and don't adhere to the zero-trust principle of least privilege, resulting in widespread permission issues and potential entry points for cyber attacks.

We noticed first hand that there were several processes, e.g. granting and revoking access, onboarding and offboarding users and performing access reviews that were slowing down teams and resulting in increased security breaches.

There is an opportunity to develop an automated access orchestration platform that allows IT and security teams to efficiently manage user lifecycles across cloud resources, while also enabling employees to access their tools in the most productive manner.

With this is mind, Multiplier was designed for companies who rely on Atlassian's Jira Service Management to facilitate better workflows for IT services within a single, consistent facility.


Amaresh Ray

Leandro Pelorosso