Access reviews

Say goodbye to your access review spreadsheets

Ensure least privilege and cut down review times by 90%.

Connect all your applications, simplify the reviewer process, include context, and report back to auditors.

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Save valuable time for reviewers and app owners

Enable your managers and app owners to perform and track their reviews in one place.

Reduce audit fatigue by eliminating spreadsheets and screenshots.

Provide decision makers with data-driven recommendations to avoid "rubber stamping".

Send notifications and reminders to make sure they complete access reviews on time.

Manage your access review campaign from a single place

Stay on top of in-flight reviews all your systems, allowing you to quickly identify pending certifications and mitigate potential security risks.

Automatically de-provision users that no longer need access or kick off a revocation flow in Jira.

Easily produce auditor friendly reports

Generate audit-ready reports for SOC, ISO, and SOX audits that show a full audit trail of all certifications and access changes.

Put your compliance on autopilot

Keep a record of all access requests, approvals, reviews and provisioning actions within one system.

It's never been easier to know who has access to what.

Streamline audit readiness in Vanta

Upload access control evidence to Vanta with a single click.