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"Since using Multiplier, we've freed up many resources within the team as most of our service requests are automatically taken care of.

We're spending less time doing routine, mundane tasks and more on further developing and innovating our customer service experience."

Wikus Du Toit
IT service delivery, Luno

The Challenge

Manually dealing with access requests

It's no secret that Luno has grown rapidly. Since January 2022, Luno has onboarded 387 new employees globally, bringing their total company size just shy of 1200. That's a 32% growth in just over eight months.

As the company has grown, so has the number of requests for access to SaaS applications and other internal tools, including access to Gitlab repositories and Jira projects. 

The IT Service Manager, Wikus Du Toit, noticed that access requests came in from multiple channels, including Slack, email, and Jira. Keeping track of these requests and logging them for auditors was time-consuming, not to mention the manual effort required by the IT Service Agents to conclude requests.  

“We noticed that we were dealing with hundreds of routine access requests coming into our queue manually. In many cases, we had to ask managers for approval and manually log into Okta to perform the group assignment, which enabled application access."

The IT team was spending hours chasing approvers and provisioning access, which was inefficient and created room for human error.

The Solution

Automating app provisioning with Multiplier + JSM

Luno needed to have a way to automate access requests as well as eliminating the human error element all while keeping an immaculate record for audits. 

They wanted to explore solutions that leverage their existing Atlassian environment with Okta.  

As they were already using Jira Service Management for capturing IT and other requests, Luno decided to adopt Multiplier, and offer a self-service app store on their Jira Service Management portal.

Employees can request access to sanctioned apps, and approvals are directly routed to app owners and/or managers and provisioning is automated.

Since everything is handled within Jira Service Management, users don’t have to learn a new tool.

With Multiplier, the Luno team was able to automate the busy applications request queues while giving employees a consumer-like experience.


80% reduction in IT workload

access/service-access/automated are requests that are automatically dealt with through Multiplier.  While some still require approval, it’s as simple as pushing requests to the necessary Slack channels and having Service Owners or Managers approve the request with a single button.

access/service-access are requests that are not using Multiplier and still require an IT Service Agent to manually action and conclude requests.  However, as time passes, Luno keeps improving its existing workflows and services to take advantage of Multipliers' automation capabilities.

"Multiplier has alleviated a lot of the routine and mundane tasks that IT Service Agents were inundated with. 

A standard access request used to take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. Now, IT Service Agents have more time to focus on further developing and improving their customer service experience rather than firefighting day in and day out."

Lightning-fast access approvals

In Multiplier, the access request workflow is simple—users can browse apps, select entitlements and click a button to request access to it. If the app doesn’t require approval, it can be provisioned immediately. 

If approval is needed, approvers get notified in Jira and Slack. Upon approval, access is provisioned automatically. With this streamlined workflow, Wikus and his team are no longer experiencing any bottlenecks. 

Peace of mind for future audits

With Multiplier’s help, Luno can enforce least privilege access to apps and also speed up compliance prep. Now, they have a full audit log of evidence to prove to auditors privileged access requests.

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