Videoamp streamlines new hire onboarding with a self-service app catalog



Founded in 2014, VideoAmp is an advertising measurement, planning and optimization platform increasing the value of advertising by redefining how media is valued, bought and sold.

"Multiplier has saved us hours of IT productivity, and lowered our resolution times. The ease of implementation and the speed with which it delivered value made it a no-brainer for us."

Neil Simbulan
Director, IT

The Challenge: Keeping up with access requests during a period of rapid growth

As the company grew from 100 to 500 employees, the number of repetitive tasks for the IT team grew exponentially. 

During the onboarding process, new hires are granted a set of applications based on their role (e.g. Zoom, Slack, Jira). If they require other specialized apps (e.g. Loom) or elevated permissions, they will submit a request for IT. 

New hires would start on a Monday, and on Tuesday the IT queue would be filled with access requests, according to Neil Simbulan, Videoamp’s Director of IT.

Tuesdays became like groundhog day for our team. The breaking point for us was seeing the requests come in and not having enough information to act on them.

In addition, they were also becoming the bottleneck for certain applications where the ownership was unclear throughout the onboarding process.

The Solution: Launching a self-service access request experience embedded within Jira Service Management

Videoamp had tried using Okta’s self service request feature, but the drawback was they had to point users to a separate portal that was less user friendly, was less customizable and lacked the auditability of Jira. 

Multiplier automated VideoAmp’s access request process by connecting to their identity stack (Okta and Google Workspace), allowing employees to find and request access to roles within applications. This has considerably removed administrative overhead from access request IT tickets. 

With Multiplier, Videoamp’s IT team can now maintain a central list of which apps are available to request, along with the approval workflows for each app.

Employees can browse the app catalog directly from the Jira Service Management portal that is also used for all IT and other requests in the organization. 

The Results: Huge time savings and improved security posture

Multiplier’s ease of implementation made it really simple for VideoAmp to build out a self service app store that contains 20 apps. Once IT sanctions an app, any employee can request access to it via the JSM portal while maintaining an appropriate approval workflow when required. 

Over the past 6 months, there have been over 500 app requests submitted through Multiplier. Considering the average request used to take between 5 to 10 minutes, this has resulted in a savings of 70+ hours of IT productivity, and helped lower average resolution time for these requests.

This has also helped bolster their security posture, ensuring users have the right level of access, and maintaining an audit trail that makes it easy to report on who has access to what.

During the rapid growth period, it was really tough for Videoamp’s IT team to stay afloat. With things slowing down and Multiplier helping reduce some of that chaos, their focus is now on getting ahead of the next wave and automating as much as possible. 

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